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welcome to icon_x3 this community has graphics that tokyo_gurl(me) have made from many anime/maga series including tv shows (like house MD) if you like the graphics you see or have seen please join to view all the updates =D

1. Please give credit to either icon_x3 or either tokyo_gurl(though if you dont thats ok 2)

(or credit lj comm = icon_x3 -get rid of the space and put the ">")
2. Don't hotlink.
3. some textless icons can be used as bases but please ask before you use
4. Comment please
5. be nice about the graphics you see no bashing or anything b/c those will be deleted

Awards i've Won ♥

Requests for icons, color bars, and banners are always open so feel free to leave me a comment and i will get to them ASAP. Once in a while i will make a post just for request so you can also request there if you'd like

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